Why Mindful Birder Photography?

Mindful Birder Photography is a way for me to visually express my gratitude and appreciation for this wonderfully diverse world in which we get to live. May this work inspire joy, amazement, and a deep sense of wonder.

Mindful Birder Photography: a deeper look

Have you ever felt stuck, unmotivated, or uninspired?

I most certainly have. Sometimes, in the busyness of our lives, we forget to stop, take a look around, and honor our shared environment with a moment of silence. During this quiet pause, if present, our senses are sure to be stimulated by the beautifully diverse world which sustains us. Mindful Birder Photography is dedicated to bringing awareness to our surroundings and serves as a gentle reminder that our own health is dependent upon the health of the environment in which we live.

In my endeavor to live a meaningful and purposeful life, I have found that creativity stimulates innovation, imagination, and motivation. As a dedicated Mindfulness practitioner, mentor, and life-coach, I have found that having a creative outlet benefits every aspect of my life. Bird photography requires effort, focus, and particularly patience. Because these delightful winged creatures never cease to amaze me, they stimulate my interest and curiosity. When I'm interested in and curious about something, my mind doesn't wander, stress over this and that, and isn't pointing out everything that is wrong with the world. Bird photography not only excites me and gets me outside, it teaches me how to live - in the moment!

Besides showcasing snapshots of our shared environment and its many inhabitants, Mindful Birder Photography also serves as a creative outlet which supports my Mindfulness practice. This creative outlet reinforces the importance of and helps to develop present moment awareness which is necessary to make healthy, value-based decisions. Our human species hasn't been too kind to this world that freely nourishes us with its abundant resources. It is my hope that Mindful Birder Photography will stimulate interest and curiosity in the miraculous diversity that surrounds us. I'm confident that this interest will help to promote increased environmental awareness, care, and concern.

Thank You for taking interest in our beautiful world.

You are loved by me, Unconditionally.

Dan Piquette

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